playable game prototype

*** This game prototype was made in 3 days at T.O. Jam #4 ( + less than 3 hours work afterwards for bug fixing/stabilization/balancing *** version 1.3

Start a new game by choosing the mode: Up Arrow: Big Fish mode (easy), Down Arrow: Little Fish mode (hard), Space: Random Size

Arrow keys control your Scum Bubble. Eat Scum Candy and smaller Scum Bubbles. When you are eaten, or have eaten everyone else, the game will jump back to mode selection (and since you're probably still holding the up or down arrow key, you'll probably start a new game without realizing :P ).

Shift + Up/Down Arrows will change the camera zoom.

Pond Scum known issues - "'Cause this is just a prototype!"

- The simulation will become unstable sooner or later. Reload often :)
- The collision detection is a bit wonky for really small Scum Bubbles. Try hovering over the candy.

There are more advanced features planned, but not for this incarnation.

If nothing happens when you press space or arrow keys, you need to click on the game with your mouse once to give it focus.
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